I get asked all the time how to choose the right cleanser? This is a huge question because cleansing is the first step in any skin care regimen and your cleanser choice is important. So many people make the mistake of picking up any old bar of soap to wash their face. Trust me, this is the perfect way to wreck your skin. Most bar soaps contain really harsh detergents and deodorizes that are meant to tackle the entire body and not necessarily the face. Bar Soaps have a really big job to do and because of this, just aren’t gentle enough for the delicate facial skin. So, do a self-evaluation to determine what type of cleanser your skin needs. If it’s oily, choose a cleanser that targets oil production. Light-weight foaming gel cleansers are great. If your skin is on the dry side, look for a cleanser that has moisturizing properties that won’t dry out your skin. A lotion-based creamy, cleanser is a great choice. Pay attention to your skin because it will change throughout the year and you may need to change your cleanser as well. But, whatever you do, put down that bar soap!