Are Amino Acids important to your Skin? You bet they are!

We hear a lot about protein and Amino Acids these days. The first time a waiter asked if I wanted to add “protein” to my salad I almost died. I had never heard someone call out a food for exactly what it was. No one has ever asked if I wanted grease, fat, or artificial flavoring in my food. So, protein must be a good thing, right?  Right!

Amino Acids – the building blocks of protein.

Approximately 20% of the body is comprised of protein. When we talk about protein, we must consider Amino Acids (AA’s) because they’re the “Building Blocks” of protein in the body. Protein plays an important role in almost all of our biological processes. A large portion of our cells, muscles & tissues are made up of Amino Acids.  They carry out many important functions including:

  • Giving cells their structure.
  • Helping repair tissue, especially in skin, hair, muscles & bones.
  • They play a key role in the transport & storage of nutrients.
  • They’re essential for wound healing.
  • And, much more!

There are 3 groups of Amino Acids based on their source & function in the body.

The 3 sources are:

  • Essential Amino Acids are obtained through our diet.
  • Non-essential Amino Acids are produced in the human body.
  • Conditional Amino Acids are generally required only during times of illness or stress.

There are 9 Essential Amino Acids that are incredibly important to our overall health & wellbeing. And they can only be obtained through our diet. However, due to busy, on the go lifestyles and lackluster diets, many of us aren’t getting enough essential Amino’s. And this affects the whole body from head to toe and from the inside to the outside.

Without the right balance of AA’s, you may experience a number of adverse effects that affect one’s inner health & outer beauty, including:

  • Dry, Brittle Hair, Skin & Nails
  • Chronic Fatigue & Insomnia
  • Mood Swings & Depression
  • Anxiety & Nervousness
  • Inability to Lose Body Fat & Weight Gain
  • Memory & Concentration Problems
  • Chronic Pain
  • Muscle loss & weakness
  • Blood Sugar & Blood Pressure issues

So, what about the skin?

When the skin is depleted of amino acids, it simply can’t perform its necessary, repairing process. This process is incredibly important not only for our appearance but for how our skin functions as well.

What happens to our skin when we don’t have enough Amino Acids?

We end up with skin that looks older, dry, and fatigued. None of these things are ideal when it comes to our skin. In fact, these are the things we tend to fight against with the use of our skin care products.

Fine lines and wrinkles appear
Skin loses its elasticity and sags
Skin discolors and leaves an uneven skin tone

And that radiant, youthful appearance we love so much is lost.

Amino acids supply the necessary nutrients to nourish the skin, hair and nails from the inside of the body. So, you always look good on the outside.

How else are Amino Acids important to the skin?

Amino Acids are like little super heroes that go above and beyond when it comes to our beauty. Here are a few of the benefits they provide.

Collagen Production. Did you know that collagen is a protein? It’s the most abundant protein found in the body. It gives the skin its strength & elasticity. And, without it we would have an abundance of wrinkles and sagging skin.

Hydration & Moisture. Specific Aminos are responsible for skin hydration by helping to   keep a thin layer of water cushion around the skin cells.

Slows Aging Process. The skin is the 1st place we usually notice the signs of aging. Little fine lines around the eyes or forehead are usually the most common. Thankfully, Amino’s can help. When included in the diet they promote skin elasticity and help prevent wrinkles,  skin sagging, uneven skin tone, and discoloration.

Promotes good pH. You never want the skin to be too acidic. Glutamine, an important Amino, helps keep the skin pH in balance. Without pH balance skin would have a slower repair process and more dying skin cells.

Promotes healthy hair & nails. The Essential Amino, Methionine, helps with the building of strong hair and nails while helping to reduce hair loss. It can also promote keratin production, which is important for both hair and nails.

Your entire body including your skin can benefit from taking an amino acid supplement to fill in those nutritional gaps found in any normal diet. Amino Acids are affected by many things including smoking, drinking alcohol, pollution, and more. These factors alone can prevent you from getting enough Aminos needed to not only look good but feel good.

So, in the name of healthy-looking skin, `Inner Health & Outer Beauty, make sure you are getting enough Amino Acids in your diet. Do it for your overall health, your skin, hair, and nails!

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