Those 3 little letters “C B D” are popping up everywhere these days. You can find some kind of CBD, whether it’s full spectrum, broad spectrum, or isolate in just about everything. From tinctures, tablets, candy, gum, food, drinks and even products for our furry friends – CBD is taking the world by storm.

But, does it make sense to use skin care products that contain CBD? You bet it does!

CBD oil, in its natural and purest form, contains all of the essential properties that we look for in our skin care products. Whether it’s a CBD infused facial serum, moisturizer, body lotion or eye serum the benefits are fantastic. CBD is the go-to ingredient because it delivers results, it’s 100% natural and it’s totally safe to use.

When it comes to taking care of our skin, one thing we know for sure is that antioxidant vitamins are imperative for our overall skin health. It’s the antioxidants that help to fend off free radical damage, which is responsible for much of our skin damage and a leading cause of skin aging. Did you know that CBD alone is a very powerful antioxidant? In fact, CBD is actually stronger than vitamin C and E, the go-to antioxidant vitamins regularly used in skin care products. CBD is a powerful, botanically derived, antioxidant that is essential to the overall health of our skin. It protects our collagen and elastin and helps to protect our skin from the damaging rays of the sun and other environmental and skin aging factors. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

CBD oil also contains:

  • Vitamins A & D which help to promote skin repair and encourage new skin growth.

  • Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids which help to soften the skin and regenerate the skin’s protective outer layer.

  • All 20 amino acids – including the 9 essential amino acids that our body can’t make on its own. When these amino acids are applied to the skin, studies show they have significant effects that range from antioxidant protection, improved UV protection and they help to promote tissue repair and condition the skin*.

But that’s not all!

CBD oil has been studied for its effects on inflammation. Its anti-inflammatory properties have proven positive in helping people who suffer from, eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, and even acne. CBD has been proven to help reduce inflammation and, in turn, calm the skin. When it comes to acne, there is positive data suggesting that CBD oil helps to lower oil production in the skin. It’s the excessive oil production combined with our natural exfoliation process that can lead to breakouts and irritated skin. Because of this, there are many amazing testimonials supporting CBD’s positive effects on blemishes and breakouts.

Excellent for targeted results.

Topically applied CBD skin care products allow for targeted treatment used to help soothe troubled skin, as well as sore, tight, and tired muscles and joints. It’s a great option for focused relief whether it’s your feet, hands, back, shoulders or your face. CBD topicals can bring relief to your sore, overworked body while also nourishing and protecting your skin leaving it looking more youthful, healthy and radiant.

Worry Free.

When you apply CBD skin care products to your face and body it’s important to note that the CBD never reaches your bloodstream. It won’t affect the whole body and will only deliver those cannabinoid properties to where it’s needed most. And you will never experience any psychoactive effects. While most CBD products do not contain THC, even if you used one that did it won’t reach your bloodstream and will only affect the outside of the body. To date, there aren’t any known side-effects to using CBD topically.

CBD skin care products are a great option for those curious about the benefits of CBD oil. Perhaps you’re still reluctant to ingest CBD. That’s perfectly o.k. but, go ahead and give skin care a try. I would venture to guess that once you experience the results for yourself you will be happy to try an ingestible. And when you do, don’t be surprised if your personal results get even better!

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