“Jacquie, I heard that exercise is good for my appearance beyond being tight and tones.  What do you think about exercise and the skin?”

Did you know that exercise is not just great for the body but it’s also great for your skin? Exercise causes the body to sweat. Well, if you’re doing it right anyway. Sweat helps purge the body of toxins that can clog your pores resulting in breakouts and blemishes and not just on your face but on your back, your arms, your neck, you name it. Of course, exercising helps tone the body but it also helps to tone and firm up the skin resulting in a more youthful appearance. Your circulation is improved with exercise, which helps deliver oxygenated blood to your cells. This gives the skin that beautiful, radiant and healthy-looking glow. You know how fabulous you look post workout.  That’s why! And lastly, Exercise is wonderful at reducing stress. Let’s face it when we are stressed out it shows first on our face. So, find an exercise routine that you enjoy, like walking, riding a bike, taking a yoga class…whatever works for you. It may help to ease stress and eliminate those stress lines and furrowed brows that definitely make us look older and sometimes even angry.  This is never a good look!

If  you struggle with that extra push we need to  exercise, like I do then you need the Whim HARMONY Multivitamin Complex. It contains 15 mcg of Vitamin B12 to help you get moving.  That’s 300% of your recommended daily value. It’s real motivator.