“Jacquie, What are the beauty benefits of sleep when it comes to our appearance?”

It’s amazing how a lack of sleep can negatively impact, not only our appearance but our overall health and well being as well. It’s impossible to look our best when we are over-tired and stressed out. Our skin loses its glow and vibrancy, the circles under our eyes become darker and fine lines and wrinkles become more apparent. And, well, we just look OLD! But, lack of sleep also impairs our concentration, reasoning, and problem-solving. It makes us grumpy and easily irritated. Leads to accidents, makes you forgetful and believe it or not, can be the reason for weight gain. Remember, we call it “Beauty Sleep” for a reason because we definitely look and feel our best when we are well rested.  Inner Health & Outer Beauty™ are directly related.  And if you need your sleep, or just want to shake off the day and relax, you must try Whim’s HUSH Beauty Sleep Blend. This Melatonin and herb rich formula, including valerian root, lavender, hops and more is the perfect solution to fall asleep faster and sleep longer. And the best part? There’s no morning grogginess.