“Hey Jacquie, why do I experience severe skin breakouts on only one side of my face?”

This is a great question! Skin breakouts are something that just about everyone experiences at one time or another. Here’s what I want you to do.  Clean Your Phone! I would venture to guess that the side of your face that you hold your phone on is probably the same side you’re experiencing the breakouts. This is because there’s a constant transfer of dirt, oil, makeup, and other impurities. Today’s phones are for more than just talking. We text, email, take photos, post on social media, shop for shoes, you name it. And our dirty little fingers are touching that screen all day long. We shove the phone in our pocket, dig for it at the bottom of our purse, set it on top of restaurant tables and even drop it on the floor. Can you imagine the germs and bacteria that eventually end up on your face? So, clean your phone to remove germs and pimple producing bacteria every single day. Make this a healthy habit and those one-sided breakouts will surely disappear.