Frequently Asked Questions

Our products are specifically developed for purity, and potency. We use only the finest available ingredients in our products.

No! All of the products are paraben-free.

Please check the individual ingredient lists for full transparency on ingredients. You may notice a subtle hint of scent in some products and many times it comes from a fruit, flower or herb extract included in the product.

We sure do. We seek out natural and organic ingredients from fruits, flowers, herbs, and vegetables.  We fully believe in the Power of Plants!

Absolutely not! We are true lovers of all animals and would never, ever do anything to harm them.  You can be assured that we will NEVER test our products on animals.  By the way, we have two office cats who have been instrumental in the creation of Whim™, Mr. Boots and Miss Trixie!

No! Our Nutritional products are sugar-free.

No! We are highly sensitive to those who have negative reactions and allergies to Stevia.  Our founder is one of these people.  Therefore there is no Stevia in our products.

In the good old USA!

Yes!  We do not have gluten in our products.